Armor Purchasing Policies

Prices and Designs in the Catalog are subject to change. An order is not considered placed until money is received. Ice falcon Armory reserves the right to extend delivery times if necessary. If an Icefalcon Armory weld breaks in SCA combat, we will repair or replace the item at no charge (Except Shipping). This extends to cover the item in question and shall not be construed as a warranty of personal safety.

*Down payments are NOT refundable.*

Why I Use Stainless Steel

First, Stainless Steel is much stronger than Mild Steel. This means it has better resistance to dents and has a better overall protection. Stainless is LIGHTER than mild steel!!! Our standard finish is a glossy, high shine that makes you stand out and it also reflects the sun to help keep you cooler during combat.

Fighter in Custom Stainless Harness

Quality Materials!

All helmets are at least 14 guage. The barwork is all 1/4" diameter round stock , with all openings less than 1". All welds are warranted as stated above and in the Policies part of this page. Our Sword Basket Hilts are approved by Kingdom Marshalls. All other armor (Breast Plate, Arms, Legs, Etc.) are made out of 18-14 guage stainless. All high stress areas are 16-14 gauge stainless as well. Articulation rivets are brass round heads, and 3/16" diameter.

Ordering Information

Please call to make sure you have the current prices and to get an estimate on how long it will take to be shipped to you. Most items are always in stock. Payment for these items is required in full, including shipping and handling, up front. On custom made items (arms, legs, breastplate, etc.), we ask for a deposit of half the money up front. Please include your Name, Address, and Telephone Number in all correspondence.
To Order, please contact me at:
Andre Sinou
1 Brookshire Court
Bridgeton, NJ 08302
856-455-1132 or

*To place an order by phone, please call before 9:00pm, EST.*
*If you get a recording, please leave your name, address, telephone number, and what items you wish to order.*